About Me

Hi! I'm Kevin Barrios, a full-stack software engineer who loves building websites. I specialize in JavaScript and Java and have experience working with popular frontend tools like Angular and React, as well as backend frameworks such as Spring Boot and Express. Beyond coding, I have a background in music, where I honed skills like teamwork and discipline, and I also have experience in the banking industry, developing leadership and problem-solving abilities.

My passion for technology led me to pursue web development, where I successfully completed comprehensive software engineering programs at General Assembly and App Academy. Throughout my journey, I have built numerous full-stack applications and I am enthusiastic about continuously expanding my skills. I am excited about the future of technology and would love to connect with you. Feel free to contact me and explore my other projects!



General Assembly

  • SkyLight - Frontend

    SkyLight is a fly-share website that caters to the needs of aviation enthusiasts. Powered by AngularJs and TypeScript, users can manage their personalized profiles to track booked flights, explore airport information, and submit requests to become a pilot. With Google Maps integration, users can visualize real-time airport locations.

  • SkyLight - Backend

    SkyLight's backend API. The API leverages the power of Java 17, Spring Boot, and the H2 Database to provide a robust and efficient platform. The integration of the Cucumber Testing framework enables Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) with Gherkin syntax, ensuring high-quality and reliable code.

  • Job Board API

    The Job Board API transforms the job search and recruitment experience by providing seamless browsing, application submission, and management of listings. Businesses can effortlessly post jobs, review applicants, and streamline hiring. Developed with Java 17 and Spring Boot, it ensures stability and performance.

  • Outer Space API

    As much as we look up at the skies, we can look forward and bring the skies to us. The Outer Space API is designed to have users record Solar Systems and Planets into a PostgreSQL database using Java 17, Spring Boot 2.7.8, and JWT for security and authentication.

  • Rock Paper Scissors

    A Java-based project that brings the classic game of Rock, Paper, Scissors to life directly to the terminal. My first project working with Java, this command line application offers an engaging and interactive experience for players to enjoy against a computer or another player.

App Academy

  • Stack Spill

    Based on my previous job experience where I frequently sought solutions, I created a personalized version of Stack Overflow. With JavaScript, Express.js, and SQL powering the backend, and React-Redux driving the frontend, users can access a familiar interface. To enhance user profiles, I integrated AWS for secure storage of uploaded profile images.

  • Instapix

    Instapix was inspired by the powerful impact of social media in fostering connections. It is a Python-based Instagram clone, leveraging Flask and SQLAlchemy for the backend, and React-Redux for the frontend. Database migration is seamlessly handled using Alembic, while Docker ensures smooth deployment of the application.

  • SoundCloud Clone

    With my deep connection to music, I developed SoundCloud Clone — an application designed for musicians to effortlessly upload their recordings. Its backend utilizes JavaScript, Express.js, and SQL, while the frontend is powered by React-Redux. To ensure seamless storage of images and audio, AWS services are integrated.

Feel free to explore my other projects on GitHub!